Academic Achievement and Results

  • Recruit and retain the best teachers with more competitive compensation packages, improved and relevant professional development opportunities, and modernized resources to reduce workload
  • Reduce class sizes to promote more individualized instructional opportunities
  • Develop and implement digital learning solutions to provide students with personalized and flexible learning with modernized educational technology tools
  • Expand Programs of Choice (Magnet & Signature Programs) for refreshed alignment to workforce development and global career trends

School Security and Mental Health

  • Advocate for additional School Resource Officers and increased police presence on school grounds and at school-sponsored events
  • Expand partnerships with the Anne Arundel County Police Department and the Anne Arundel County Health Department
  • Fund additional guidance counselors to expert recommended counselor-student ratios 

Fiscal Responsibility and Operational Performance

  • Prioritize classroom-based funding by capping non-instructional budget categories
  • Reduce overall school construction costs without impacting instructional capacity
  • Increase public-private partnerships to encourage private-sector operational best practices and efficiencies

Public Transparency and Taxpayer Accountability

  • Increase community outreach and engagement by Board of Education and AACPS leadership
  • Diversify current outreach modalities to encourage less one-way and more two-way communication for increased responsiveness
  • Expand AACPS website to include “easy to read” consumables that explain changes to both the operating and capital budgets, as well as employee and vendor contracts